A Blog for Sharing Stories of Goodness

One of the reasons I wrote Good People Everywhere was to counterbalance the negativity so rife in our culture by helping children focus on the good in the world. And it’s one of the reasons why I’ve started this blog.

Sometimes we forget how impressionable young children are.

Yet when we take a moment to think about it, we see how interconnected our lives are, how many people we depend upon just to make it through a single day – from the farmers who grow our food to the musicians who write songs that bring us joy; from the neighbor who helps us with a chore to the engineers who keep us connected online; from the mentor who teaches us something new to the person who listens kindly as we unload what weighs heavy on our hearts.

I invite you and the children in your world to use this blog to help others focus on the good by sharing your stories of the good people in your lives.

To do so, email your stories along with any pictures or artwork you’d like to include and a short biographical note about yourself to gpe@threepebblepress.com. We aim to publish as many stories as possible, but submission does not guarantee publication. (Full details available here.)

Lynea Gillen, MS
Speaker, counselor & author of Good People Everywhere

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